Electric RaceAbout


E-RA photographed at launch event in 2010

Electric Race-About is the record breaking electric sportscar prototype developed and built by Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and it's partners. This car has demonstrated it's capabilities by ranking high in various competitions like Automotive X-PRIZE and Michelin Challenge Bibendum. It has also participated in several Transalpine electric vehicle rallies with other prototypes and OEM production vehicles. Currently Electric RaceAbout holds the unofficial world ice speed record of 252.09 km/h driven on a froxen lake in northern Finland. 

In September 2011 Electric RaceAbout set the fastest electric road car lap time on the famous Nürburgring Nordschleife track in Germany. This record has since been improved by Audi and Mercedes. Electric RaceAbout has improved the time twice to 8:23,56 in 2013 and 8:01,41 in 2014 making it the second fastest electric vehicle designed for road use on the track which is the ultimate automotive performance benchmark.

In June 2014 Electric RaceAbout claimed to be the fastest street legal electric vehicle after achieving two way average top speef of 281,36 km/h at Lappeenranta Airport.

Electric RaceAbout features four custom built electric motors, each driving one wheel. The motors are designed by Lappeenranta University of Technology and there has been several scientific contributions published on the subject. The control system for the powertrain has been developed at Metropolia by Sami Ruotsalainen and includes traction control, torque vectoring and stability control.  The current battery stores some 44 kWh energy at 400 V nominal battery voltage. The modular battery management system is developed at Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and inverters are supplied by Finnish company Visedo. To save weight for the batteries the vehicle has a self designed and build carbon fibre monocoque body.



VTT - Metropolia eBUS

Metropolia built a fully working electric city bus in Finnish National Research Centre VTT led and government (Tekes) funded electric bus research program. The chosen bus body is manufactured in Finland by Kabus and majority of EV related components are supplied by Finland based companies including VaconVisedo and European Batteries. This lightweight bus has demonstrated world leading energy efficiency and reliability. The bus control system was engineered during 2012-2013 by Metropolia electric vehicle team led by Sami Ruotsalainen. 2014 Linkker Bus Company was established to commercialize the development.