Electric Vehicle Control System Development

SR Automotive has developed Electric Vehicle control system software, including driver interface, battery management, and advanced vehicle dynamics controls like Torque Vectoring control, wheel slip control and active vibration damping. SR Automotive licenses the Electric Vehicle control software to different Electric Vehicle car projects.

The software has been developed in connection with development of the world’s fastest street legal EV, Electric RaceAbout E-RA of Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. E-RA is running on SR Automotive’s control software.


Electric RaceAbout improves Nordschleife lap time (04.11.2014)
Metropolia Electric RaceAbout has improved again it's Nürburgring Nordschleife lap time to 8:01,41 and is currently second fastest electric vehicle designed for..

28.06.2014  E-RA is the World's fastest street legal EV
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